Trying to get set up?

Here is the MyStorPal download guide to walk you through the process in case you’ve hit a snag.

Please reach out directly to your self-storage facility if any of the following occur:

  • If no account pulls up when you enter your phone number. You’ll want to be sure your site has the correct phone number on file.
  • You don’t receive an automated email when you enter your phone number. The automated Email is sent to the address on file, so you’ll want to check your spam/junk file or reach out to your site to be sure they have the correct information on file for you.
  • Finally, if any of the data (including account balances, payment dates, gate codes, etc.) you see once your app is linked to your account looks incorrect. The app will show only what the site has on file, so please get in touch with them directly if any corrections are needed.

Facility Managers, Owners and Operators

Do you have Tenants with setup challenges?

Most setup challenges can be overcome by ensuring the Tenants email contact information in your property software management system matches what the Tenant is using.

If this does not resolve it, you can contact your Client Relationship Manager via the normal channels of communication with XPS Solutions


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